During my work with thousands of people I discovered a hiding place.

Yes I did.

This hiding place is situated right outside of the life we must leave behind after loss.

We go there thinking it’s the new life.

We go there to wait, wait to feel better.

After all… you have been told that time is the only healer.

And you listened.

You did as you were told.

You went there to wait. To wait so time can heal you.

And you waited.

But time did not heal.

Time did not come to your rescue.

In that waiting time, you started to hide.

Hide from the world.

Until a better day.

Until time says you are ready.

But that day never came.

The waiting became, hiding.

The hiding became your new life.

Your new life became your destiny. And you accepted it.

You accepted it as the only life you could have.

But what if I told you that this is not your new life.

It is not your destiny.

It is just a waiting place you mistaken for your future, for your life after loss.

You see you are in a place between two lives.

The life you left behind, and the life that is ahead.

Open your eyes.

Look around you.

And ask yourself.

Does this resemble YOUR LIFE or just a hiding place?

Are you anchored on the edge of beauty…alive but not living?

Watching but not experiencing.

Sleeping but not dreaming.

How long have you been in the place

where most stay because

they don’t know they can leave?

With lots of hiding experience,