You Are Imperfect, Thank Goodness!

There is a place within us that tells us we have to be Olympic swimmers to swim in the ocean. We have to be thin to go on a date. We have to be young to jump out of airplanes. We have to be rich to start a business. We have to be smart to go back to school. And since we will never be thin enough, smart enough or young enough, we never ever get to start over. This is the letter that you need to…

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The Rock Bottom Arena

I like starting from nothing. I love to start from very little. Rock bottom is actually an inspiring place for me. I have nothing to lose when I am there. I can make my own rules. I can redefine my dreams. I can look insane from the outside and not care about what others think of me. It is one of the most life changing places I have ever been to. I believe with all my heart that rock bottom is…

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Dear God…

As I was getting ready to write you this Message in a Bottle… I started writing a letter to God/Universe/Divine Power. And what happened surprised me. I nearly did not publish this letter. But I think I did not receive these answers for myself. So think of me crazy if you must…but if some people get helped from this. It would be so worth it. So here it goes: Dear God, It is so hard to see so many…

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The Epic Fight!

I have been on many epic life fights. When I was 18 years old I moved to a foreign country and fought to get admitted in an Ivy League school in a second language. The fight was never fair to begin with. I had just moved to England, I could barely speak any English and I had to compete with all the people who were born to speak and write in English. But that did not stop me. I did not use it as…

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Break up. Its OK.

You have been friends forever. They have known your kids since they were babies. They have grown up with you! But all of a sudden history is not enough to keep the friendship going. Memories are not enough to sustain the connection. You have changed. Your life experiences are vastly different to your friend’s. They don’t get you. They have no clue what you go through every day. You get into silly…

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Your Hiding Place

During my work with thousands of people I discovered a hiding place. Yes I did. This hiding place is situated right outside of the life we must leave behind after loss. We go there thinking it’s the new life. We go there to wait, wait to feel better. After all… you have been told that time is the only healer. And you listened. You did as you were told. You went there to wait. To wait so time…

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You are not sad. Just scared.

I never thought I would say this but here it goes. Fear is bigger than grief. It is bigger than tragedy.                       I am sorry to break this to you, but holding on to our story has nothing to do with sadness and loss. It has nothing to do with what terrible things have happened to us. But it has everything to do with being afraid…

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Second Firsts Love

When love knocks on your door second time around. It will shake your foundation.  It will take over your body. It will actually feel like first love. Hard to believe. But true. And you know why? Because it is your FIRST.  It is your first love,  IN YOUR SECOND LIFE.  You are no longer the same person who fell in love all those years ago. The person you are now has never experienced love.  Every…

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