I know I keep trying to convince you to start taking action towards the life you want to have. 

And not wait for the life to come to you. 

I give you hope. 

I ask you to value yourself.

I promise you that you can be happy again.

I tell you that you can fall in love again.

I tell you that you are loved. 

Wanted. And desired by the world. 

But it does not matter what I tell you. 

You desire to hear these things from the people in your life. 

From the ones you want love from. 

You think they hold the key to your happiness. 

If only….he came back. 

If only my boss could see the work that I do. 

If only my mom believed in me more. 

If only I was better looking. 

If only I had what she has.

If only I was lucky like my friends. 

If only I had money. 

Oh…if only you believed in you. 

If only you could see your own beauty and your self worth. 

If only you gave to yourself what you expect from others. 

You see, a long time ago…I used to say “if only” all the time. 

If only my husband was not dying he would be more loving in his last days. 

If only my thirties did not have cancer and death I would be further ahead in life. 

If only I was not a single mom, life would be easier. 

I stopped wishing and started doing exactly 4 years ago. 

And let me tell you, life gave me everything I wanted and then some. 

I stopped wanting a different life and I got the life I wanted. 

I want you to want your life however difficult it is. 

However tough it has been. 

Go to it and ACT your way out of it. 

Don’t wish it away. 

Because no matter how much wishing you do every day, your life has nowhere else to be but with you. 

So talk to your life. 

Tell her how beautiful she is. 

Give her new experiences, new words and new thoughts. 


And she will be transformed forever, with YOU INSIDE. 

Tell me something beautiful about your life here

With so much goodness, love and beauty,