Life comes with many changes. Some are welcomed and expected, like a refreshing summer rain, or they run you over like a Semi Truck, leaving you crushed and spread out on the ground. Changes in life are inevitable and with every breath we take they come, whether we want them or not. They aren't meant to destroy us, but to grow us. Although, there are times we feel we won't make it through, we do…

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Millions of people die before they make their dreams come true. Before they get justice. Prove themselves. Or even meet the love of their life. And yet we live every day thinking that we will have that time. We will be able to complete, finish and experience all that we came here to experience. Unfortunately the circle is rarely complete. Rarely full. We rarely finish something we started. We die…

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What If…We Never Die

What if when we die we begin a new journey? In another place. With other people. What if when this life ends, another life begins. What if we were off to another experience, another love, another journey? Would we still be scared? Would we still be sad about dying and aging? What if the end of this life is the beginning of a new one? What if there was a big, wide, beautiful portal that took us…

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Wipe the Kitchen Counters

I always had a messy kitchen. Stuff everywhere. I used to always have excuses as to why my kitchen was messy. -I have small kids. -I am a single parent. -I am a working mom -A clean kitchen does not mean a great life Anyways, you get the point. So recently… I got real with myself and stopped lying about how much my kitchen bothered me. I would walk into my kitchens in all the houses I have ever…

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I Never Saw it Coming…

It was the colliding of two separate and yet immensely connected events that became the story of my greatest loss and rebirth at the same time. The first I knew deep in my soul was the truth, but for many years and so many reasons could not bring myself to reveal it. The second was happening so slowly that I never even saw it coming; and in fact it wasn’t until their collision that I could begin…

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Dear Death. I never liked you.

Dear death, You come and knock on the door of some amazing people. You take them in the night, in cars, in hospital rooms and in every possible way imagined. I never liked you.  You have taken so many people I love. And you take them forever and ever. You don’t take them for a little while and then bring them back. You take them.  Period. When my husband died you gave me three and a half years to…

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I am here with you, and you are here with me.

“There is no chance,  no destiny,  no fate,  that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox The human spirit is so much stronger than any fate. Any bad luck. Any bad circumstance. The human spirit is made to love unconditionally and passionately. To go forth with resilience. To climb with superhuman capacity. And to overcome. Overcome fate. Overcome…

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You are not here to sleep!

In the last 4 weeks I have travelled to many cities. Loved many people. Heard many stories. Hugged many souls. But I have discovered that we seek safety and routine before we seek life. We seek numbness before we seek vibrancy and excitement. We seek dullness before we seek adventure. When we hurt so much we want to end that pain. And we don't want to end it with LIFE. But with comfort. Why is…

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Tango Warrior

I often wondered about the word warrior. How do we become one? How do we go from being in pain, broken hearted to having  strength and the ability to do something that was told to you as impossible. When do we go from weakened to warrior like? Is there a time and a place that we shed our old identity and dress up in our new one? Or does it happen slowly. Subconsciously. Without anyone even…

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The Chair

Growth does not happen in big spaces, with no resistance or pushing back. It happens when the space around us is too small for us and we push out stretching our environment as much as we can. Change does not happen when you are relaxing on a big arm chair overlooking the ocean. I wish it did. But I never heard someone tell me: “I was sitting at this big chair overlooking the ocean and I evolved…

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