I don’t shy away from words.

Especially when it comes to legs being taken.

I wasn’t there.

I wasn’t at the finish line at the Boston Marathon.

I didn’t get hit.

I didn’t see the horror unfold in front of me.

But thousands did.

I cried for them.

I know you did too.

In this last week I have spent time rebuilding people’s lives in my head.

I sat there every time the news showed someone with bloody legs and I walked 

into their future.

How they would have to change habits, rebuild their muscles, see life from a

different angle.

Dance again.

Live again.

Love them selves again.

Even though most of us can still walk on two legs we felt their pain.

I know all of us wanted to physically carry them to the finish line.

Hug them. Love them.

Do you know why it felt like this?

It felt like this because there is much more GOOD than evil in the world.

Love is much larger than hate.

And HOPE is always the last man standing.

Hope does not need legs to start over.

Hope does not need for all the terrorists to be dead to believe in a life worth 


Hope doesn’t even see evil.

Hope rebuilds no matter what.

Hope grabs you by your heart, with a resilient force much larger than any bomb 

and it carries you to your future.

Drops you into a brand new life.

Where you get to learn new skills, new habits, new thoughts.

You change.

With or without.. legs… you rebuild.

You rebuild more than you could have ever imagined.

But you must believe first.

Believe that life has more good in it than bad.

Even when bombs explode and take away our kids, our legs and our future as

we knew it.

That is when I believe in life the most. When grief knocks on the door. I open

with life by my side.

I hope you do too.

With hope,


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