Change Does Not Feel Like Breaking Bread

Change does not feel like breaking bread. Nope. It does not feel like chopping wood either. It is not like swimming. Or running. Or even climbing. Nope none of these. However hard some of them are. Change is so much harder. It feels like learning to walk on water. Learning to fly without wings. It feels like being scared to go out in the dark and having to go out regardless. It’s like…

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A Valentine Letter for YOU

A Valentine letter for YOU. Your love for your partner who has moved into the next realm is everlasting, eternal. What you shared in your time together remains and exists now in a new form. We hear the expression, moving on - it would turn my stomach when I heard that. You have to get on with your life I was told. That never inspired me, in fact it made me angry. That’s like saying when a…

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You Have To Stop Fixing What Cannot Be Fixed

It comes like a tsunami. It forces itself inside your house. With madness. You run out your front door. When the tsunami ends, your house is destroyed. Your things don’t look like your things anymore. Your bed is not in your bedroom. Your kitchen has no food that can be eaten. You sit and cry on the floor. You say to yourself I can make this work. This is better than trying to find a…

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The Sea Is Empty of You

I wish I could go back. Back to the beach, laughing like drunk fools getting lost in your eyes holding each other as if we were immortal. Like the sea always is mimicking the waves, buzzing with love, mesmerized. The sunset flaming over us, luminous, against your young skin. Stepping on the sand, earth mingling, loving that moment you were here breathing the same air, living all there…

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A Bolt from the Blue: Give Yourself Permission

Today was one of those chilly overcast January days with audible rain outside. I had initially planned to spend this day indoors, tackling paperwork. But after a very cold, wet walk with my dog, it seemed like a much better idea to warm up with a hot drink inside a steamy, convivial coffee shop. My soul just wanted to be among people, even if they were all strangers. I decided to bring a book…

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The Boxing Ring

Some days it’s like your life is inside a boxing ring. You are being thrown around. You can’t get out, or look like you are in pain. Nobody knows what this really feels like. They think you can handle it. But deep down you are hurting. Fantasizing that you are crawling out of the ring. Hiding somewhere so life can’t find you, and throw you around. How long can you stay? Taking the punches.…

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How To Take Off Your Clothes And Claim Your Destiny

All of a sudden, I found myself in a place without the paralyzing fear I had been feeling. It was like oxygen in my lungs. Euphoria. Ecstasy even. Imagine life without fear. Even just imagining this, brings you to a deep breath. Yes. At first it was truly a surprising feeling but I was enjoying it. And spending my days in this place had been awesome. But as you know by now, I love to…

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The Guide To Being Outrageous Before, After And While Grieving

I have to tell you. I am getting too used to living outside the box. With the minority. From outside the mainstream. From the corner of the universe. As a matter of fact, it is kind of fun to say outrageous things. Shock your friends and family members. I am enjoying this. More than I ever thought I would. Imagine discovering that living outside the box is more fun than inside of it. Oh,…

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All the things that Mary Poppins is teaching us

I saw Mary Poppins Returns movie trailer appearing every day as I was getting ready for the release of Where Did You Go? But I never put the two together. How could have I known? How could I have foreseen such a thing? That they were not only being released at the exact same time, but that people from all over the world would write to tell me how many parallels they have been finding between…

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How to Wake Up your Dragon in 2019

You have to have a strong sense of self. A clear picture of who you are, what you stand for. What it is you believe in. You have to be tree-like, like the trees with huge trunks, that can’t be destroyed in bad weather. You must claim your place in the world, and not be shaken or fallen. Did you know that the world’s oldest tree is in Sweden and it is nearly 10,000 years old? The oldest tree has…

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