I am so excited that you have found your way to my world of Second Firsts.
I am Christina Rasmussen and I have created this site for everyone who feels lost after loss.

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Christina Rasmussen: Founder

Christina Rasmussen is an acclaimed grief educator, bestselling author of Second Firsts (Hay House, 2013) Where Did You Go? (Harper One, 2018) and the upcoming book Invisible Loss (Sounds True, 2023)  She founded the Life Reentry Foundation in 2021 to make new beginnings accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender or ethnicity. While at the same time replacing an outdated model of grief and establishing a pathway out of what she coined the waiting room.

She first developed the Life Reentry Model in 2010, 4 years after her 35-year-old husband died of stage 4 colon cancer. Her own devastating experience of grief catapulted her towards a long but necessary journey bridging the gap between grief and life.

During the first decade of teaching the model, she discovered that the biggest threat to our well being was what she calls Invisible Loss. When COVID-19 brought devastation both traditional and uncharted, the world saw the invisible nature of grief that Christina was already teaching in her communities.

Christina holds a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling (University of Durham) Her work has been featured at ABC News, Women’s World, Washington Post, the White House Blog. She currently works and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Eric, and their two dogs. You can learn more about Christina at www.christinarasmussen.com