What’s Next…Again…and Again

I have worked since I was 15 years old. My first job was at a Jewish deli at the mall, and this is where I get my excellent sandwich making skills. It was fun, and like most, this was my first taste of financial freedom. For many years, my mom was a single parent so when it came to "stuff," we (my brother and I) often did without certain "things." No shoes with a swoosh on the sides or alligator…

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Grieving Inside the Waiting Room vs Outside

What is the difference between grieving inside the Waiting Room vs outside? Someone in my Life Starters community asked me this question this week. So, I thought this is an answer I want all of you to have. There is an element of daring life again when we go and cry on top of a mountain. There is a roar that takes place within us when we scream under the stars. The roar gets silenced when we hide…

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A Little Bit of Cursing After Loss

This letter might shock you just a little. I am going to be using a curse word and want to warn you. Every week I share with you my own life experiences and use them to write this letter. Well, here’s what happened the last few days. All of a sudden I started using the F word in my conversations. And it is important for you to know that I don’t swear. Like I never do. I am one of those people who…

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There Are Many Frontiers After Loss

Life after loss is a work of art. It takes decades of creating. It roars behind the clouds and screams at night in our souls. It is the most powerful human experience. And it always lives outside time and space. It is that strong. It can shift the human experience and take it outside of all the illusions. But because of its strength we need to be ready for when we get stuck, inside the waiting…

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Starting From Scratch

We hold on to what we have built and have created with average success and average joy, fearing that if we let it go we would not be able to get back to that average. So we avoid starting from scratch at all costs. Even if where we are today is not a good place to be, we stay there. For a lot of us, it is easier to stay in something we don’t like than having to begin again. So today, I want to…

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The Walk

What if you wake up a little earlier in the morning to go for a short walk, just until the summer is over. Before the kids wake up. Before your work day begins. Before anyone needs something from you. What if you put on your running shoes, your jogging pants and walk out the door. A cup of coffee or tea at hand on your way to breathe the air, take life in. Looking for the sun, hearing the birds…

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Don't You Settle in Your Life After Loss

Don’t You Settle in Your Life After Loss

When I look back at the 3 or 4 years after my loss, I see a woman completely lost, afraid and confused as to which way to go. Also a woman who just settled a lot. The really interesting thing is that I don’t remember anyone telling me to stop settling. I had nobody tell me something like this: “You have gone through something really tragic and we know you are grieving, but it is important to…

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Respect Your Sunrises and Sunsets

What are we really all so afraid of? I don’t know anymore. And I am not talking about monsters, wild animals, or even grief. I am talking about the voice in our head that keeps us inside a concrete box every day. Without adventures. Without risks. Without even our real selves. Without new experiences. We keep hypnotically repeating what we did the day before. And this includes me as well. I fall…

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Get Out of Your House

I wish I personally knew you. I wish we could take our dogs for a walk together. I wish I was there when your loss took place and listened to you until you had nothing more to say. Until all the invisible and visible losses were seen and validated. Until you felt strong enough to exit The Waiting room and start a new life for yourself. Until you laughed out loud a few times in a row. Until you…

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Who Are You Really... After Loss

Who Are You Really… After Loss

I have taught myself to listen to my inner voice really carefully. It has incredible wisdom about my destiny and my present happiness. In the last two years, my voice has started asking for something I never thought I wanted. A simple life. Even just writing these words makes my chest expand. My voice has been asking for less things. Less recognition. Less relationships. More writing. More…

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