If you were at my house right now you would see chaos, stress.

You would feel the overwhelm and the fear.

You see I am about to move to California in less than 72 hours.

I have been in the Boston area for 10 years.

My husband is buried here.

In a few hours I will be saying goodbye to my house, to my friends,
to the world

that supported me during my biggest loss.

To the world who cheered my second chapter.

To the world who believed in me first and foremost when I launched
Second Firsts.

I will be saying goodbye to my comfort zone, to my routine and to
my support system.

All of it will be gone.

And all this for the chance to be closer to the waves, the ocean
and the sun.

Yes that’s right the dream is simple.

I don’t like the cold.

I don’t like to hibernate for months in the dark.

But even the simplest most beautiful dream can be very difficult to
make happen

and that is why we postpone life and what we want.

But the door that leads to our dreams is made of risk and fear.

So many people open the door, feel the craziness of making a dream
come true and close that door shut again.

What they don’t know is that the feelings and emotions we
experience during the entry of the dream are only temporary.

They will be gone soon and what will stay will be the dream.

So today I will ask you to open the door to a dream you have had
for a long time.

Open the door, feel the fear and keep the door
open by taking a step towards the dream.

Share with us here:

What is the dream and how does the opening of
the door make you feel?

Here’s to dreaming and opening that door wide open.

See you all on the other side.


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Erin McRaven says:

    “What is the dream and how does the opening of
    the door make you feel?”

    The sad thing for me is… The door to my dream has been slammed in my face.

    My dream was my little house, 3 acres, flowers, my dog, some cats, and Nigerian Dwarf goats. In that house/farm was my fiance, and my art. After loosing our home, and being forced to live with my parents, while by angry, depressed, jealous mother has fits of rage on about a weekly basis, I feel like my soul has died.

    • mark says:

      Dear Erin, you may not have gotten what you thought was bliss, either have I. I have had many, many doors slammed in my face, there is always another door or window to open. I find , for some some odd reason, that when my doors slaam me, Christina always has words of wisdom for me. Hang in there and another, possablly the right door will open. Best of luck to you

  • Kitty Jackson says:

    Christina, your words resonate deeply to the transition I am also going through now. I have just moved away from my home of more than 40 years, to another city. I left old friends, my husband’s family, our family home where we raised our children. We had so much history there. But I needed to grow. I felt the fear but I did it anyway! And boy, did it feel good!
    In my new home and new community, I am refreshed and excited to discover my new life. I am grateful for the opportunity.
    You will LOVE your new life in the San Francisco Bay area! It’s alive and vibrant! They are about to receive such a wonderful gift, in your presence there. I send you my blessings and best wishes. Kitty Lamb Jackson

  • Anne says:

    I needed this today so thank you! I’m sharing it on my blog this week.

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