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“The Message in a Bottle every week challenges me to be brave and bold in my choices. To take good care of myself so I can better care for those in my life. To pursue the next best, next right thing by embracing what I’ve been through and moving forward in faith. Christina, I am immeasurably grateful to have found your wisdom in my journey through grief.”
– Helen Grace Elder
“It makes me feel awesome. Like you are talking to me. It gives me hope and courage to stay in this world. Two months ago the pain of grief and lonliness made me try to take my life. I am here to say that your messages keep me going and thinking. Thank you!”
– Susan Voigt Winkelman
 “My weekly message reminds me of my purpose and it keeps me focused on my goal to create a more fulfilling life for myself.”
– Joanne Spencer
“It gave me hope when I lived in a world where I questioned if hope was still alive and faith in a better tomorrow.”
– Elizabeth Stanley
“It made me feel less alone; hopefully, we all have a core group of support givers but, sometimes it takes a complete stranger to make you feel totally understood. And in that, we all become connected because we all have felt loss…and that is you Second Firsts.”
– Laura Robinson Thompson
“Every Friday the Message in a Bottle is a life saver. When the sadness and feeling of loss becomes too much, Christina’s words buoy you up, and give you the strength to get through another day. Many nights I have sat alone in tears, wishing my beautiful Raven were there to tell me that everything was going to be ok. Unfortunately that’s not possible, but the Message in a Bottle allows you to hold on to one of the most powerful forces in the universe… hope. Christina is a very special soul, whose honesty and compassion overflows with every word. Get the Message in a Bottle. Please. You don’t have to be alone anymore.”
– Kenneth Clench
“It’s like a little “life line” to my new life as a Life Starter. If I am having a rough week, I can read Message in a Bottle and it brings things right back into focus. Keeps me moving forward…”
– Barbara E. Jones