If you could see me I would be waving my arms up in the air.

If you could hear my voice, it would be loud.

This message today I want you to hear loud and clear.

You are afraid of life. 

I am afraid of life.

We are afraid of life. 

We are fearful of being out there.

We are terrified of adventures. 

We want our day to match our day before.

No surprises.

No unexpected things happening.

Just a good day.

And what is a good day for all of us?

A day that just goes without any problems or unexpected events.

Just getting things done

We are busy in front of our computers…me included.

Busy picking up our kids.

Busy going to the dentist or running errands.

We are afraid to feel, discover and have an adventure. So afraid. 

It is like I don’t like to get my feet dirty…

…but life is all about getting in the mud with bare feet and rolling in it.

What happened to us?

We live inside a cocoon.

And when the bubble bursts the most gentle wind from life knocks us off our feet because we are not used to the elements of living.

Burst your bubble today.

Get out of the cocoon.

Or what I call the waiting room.

Take off your shoes.

And go be one with life.

How does that look like?

Open the door of your house and go in the snow if you live in a cold place.

Put loud music on and start dancing and singing. 

If you live close to the ocean go there. Cancel your errands.

82f68e0ae0becadf16c9d253fbd2540ePlan a road trip.  Keeping busy is not living. 

I learned this the hard way.

After the loss of my husband I spent years working very hard and keeping as busy as possible.

Yes there were some adventures in between and dancing in the house with my girls but the majority of the time I spent it working around the clock running away from life.

Only very recently I realized that even making dreams come true like writing a bestselling book is not living.


It is in the mud, in the ocean, in the sand, at the beach, on a hill, during a road trip, outside of your schedule. Away from routine. 

Can you hear me….?

Please dare to live your life today.

And the less money you have the more adventurous and spontaneous you will be.

Money can make things too comfortable sometimes.

Don’t be afraid to live…PROMISE?

Staying busy is not living a life.

It is being asleep with the remote in your hands.

With life


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Beverly Del Santro says:

    Yes ! These words of inspiration ! As I got to the bottom of the page I yelled out the end of the message to my roommate “Staying busy is not living a life. It’s being asleep with the remote in your hands” Right on Christina! <3

  • Terri says:

    Love this message! Did it ever resonate with me today! I did do some unexpected dancing this week (and wrote a little story about). The boys thought I was a little crazy, but I hope that is how they will always remember me……dancing!

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