Cancel your errands.

If you could see me I would be waving my arms up in the air. If you could hear my voice, it would be loud. This message today I want you to hear loud and clear. You are afraid of life.  I am afraid of life. We are afraid of life.  We are fearful of being out there. We are terrified of adventures.  We want our day to match our day before. No surprises. No unexpected things happening. Just a good…

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You are not sad. Just scared.

I never thought I would say this but here it goes. Fear is bigger than grief. It is bigger than tragedy.                       I am sorry to break this to you, but holding on to our story has nothing to do with sadness and loss. It has nothing to do with what terrible things have happened to us. But it has everything to do with being afraid…

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Outer space. Inner Grief.

I always wanted to travel to space. Just to look at the earth from afar. I have imagined this moment so many times. I would see myself look from the window and shed tears of pure awe. I always felt that the Earth had one heartbeat, and just one soul. From space we look like we are all wrapped up in one big beautiful ball. No egos, no politics, no past or future. If we only knew not how small we…

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Your own Aurora

A moment in time changed everything in the lives of the families of the victims of the Aurora shooting. The world cried for them. I cried for them too. When youth gets hit, grief is so large and imminent. When innocence is the target the world puts its arms around to protect. Fire, guns, smoke, fear and pain. Outrage. Our hearts wanted to leap out of our bodies and save them all. Humanity rose to…

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