Cancel your errands.

If you could see me I would be waving my arms up in the air. If you could hear my voice, it would be loud. This message today I want you to hear loud and clear. You are afraid of life.  I am afraid of life. We are afraid of life.  We are fearful of being out there. We are terrified of adventures.  We want our day to match our day before. No surprises. No unexpected things happening. Just a good…

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You are not here to sleep!

In the last 4 weeks I have travelled to many cities. Loved many people. Heard many stories. Hugged many souls. But I have discovered that we seek safety and routine before we seek life. We seek numbness before we seek vibrancy and excitement. We seek dullness before we seek adventure. When we hurt so much we want to end that pain. And we don't want to end it with LIFE. But with comfort. Why is…

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The Chair

Growth does not happen in big spaces, with no resistance or pushing back. It happens when the space around us is too small for us and we push out stretching our environment as much as we can. Change does not happen when you are relaxing on a big arm chair overlooking the ocean. I wish it did. But I never heard someone tell me: “I was sitting at this big chair overlooking the ocean and I evolved…

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Call them out!

Why do we try to be liked by people who don't like us? Have you ever tried to be liked by someone who obviously has no interest in you?  You keep talking to them.  Trying to sound interesting.  But it does not matter.  They keep ignoring you.  They keep trying to minimize your accomplishments and your worth.  But you do not stop trying.  Maybe, next time.  Maybe when you do this or that, they…

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Guest blog: Learning to look within

  We are all born with instincts that help us navigate through right and wrong. We are taught from a very young age what is okay and what is not. We live, learn, and we make mistakes. This is all human nature. But, as we get older, we begin to learn that what we are searching for is actually within us. When life throws us a curveball, and we are forced to deal with a bad situation, we are…

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Guest blog-I’ve Lost My Parents, But They’re Still Alive

Growing up there was a lot of partying going on in my house; I just thought that was normal. People were always over: dancing to music, relaxing in the hot tub, laughing, just having nonstop fun until the sun rises. I thought this must be how every family is - I take care of my little brother and they party. This is normal. Then as I grew up I realized this was far from the truth. It wasn’t…

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