We are here to love more than once.

From the moment we are born we seek love. We seek to be loved.  To be embraced. And to be nurtured. We crave love in everything we do. We are capable of passionate love. Love that is timeless. Love that is beyond mortality. Beyond the stars. The moon and the universe. Love transcends everything.  But when we lose love… oh my dear beloveds….that divine passionate experience that sent us to the…

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Cancel your errands.

If you could see me I would be waving my arms up in the air. If you could hear my voice, it would be loud. This message today I want you to hear loud and clear. You are afraid of life.  I am afraid of life. We are afraid of life.  We are fearful of being out there. We are terrified of adventures.  We want our day to match our day before. No surprises. No unexpected things happening. Just a good…

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She comes into your life always unexpected. Her footsteps are always so quiet, as if she is bare footed. When you see her, you notice her arrogance at first. Then her beauty. Oh she is breathtaking. Her visits are short but so memorable. But when she shuts the door behind her, your heart freezes. You are in shock with how she shook your life. You are angry. You pace the room. You get mad at…

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Second Firsts Love

When love knocks on your door second time around. It will shake your foundation.  It will take over your body. It will actually feel like first love. Hard to believe. But true. And you know why? Because it is your FIRST.  It is your first love,  IN YOUR SECOND LIFE.  You are no longer the same person who fell in love all those years ago. The person you are now has never experienced love.  Every…

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