You have tried everything.

You have walked every path.

Said every word you had to say.

Tried every angle.

Pushed yourself to the limits.

You have done it all.

And it did not work out.

Now you are ready to just give up.

You want to stop trying. Working so hard. Knocking on every door.

I understand.


I hear you.

You are tired. Rejected. Alone.

So I will ask you something I have never asked you before. 

Today I want you to give up.

Yes you heard me right. 

I am serious. 

 Today I am going to suggest that you let it all go. 

Shut off all the advice you receive. 

Go back to bed if you can. 

Eat cake for lunch. 

Popcorn for dinner. 

Call in sick for work. 

Cancel your plans. 

The only courage you need to have is the courage to take a break from 

working so hard.

Asking for so much. 

You need the courage to be with yourself. Without any expectations. 

Trash the to do lists. 

You just need quiet.



Time to breathe.

Today… it is ok to stay in the waiting room between the life you left behind and the

life you are meant to have.

Today just wait for your self to catch up.

The only person you can’t ever leave behind is you.

It is ok.

And I will be here next week to pick up wherever we left of.

You know I am never leaving you, don’t you? 

With rest, peace and some letting go,



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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Ken Clench says:

    Since yesterday would have been my late fiancee and my 10th anniversary, this could not have come at a better time.

    I have a bottle of wine and a Humphrey Bogart box set waiting for me when I get home. I normally work weekends, but I’m ‘shutting off’ this weekend.

    Thank you so much!

  • This has been a rough week, being capped with my husband spending the night in the hospital and starting my period. Ugh. I can’t necessarily drop EVERYTHING (2 kids), but I do know I can do just the bare minimum and that the earth won’t stop turning!

  • Cate h harding says:

    I am in such a confused state of mind I do not lnow what to do with myself.
    My losses are not as tragic and hurtful as some that I read. So then I feel guilt for feeling sorry for myself when people around me are losing children. Or watching their children suffer. I can’t even imagine.
    I need to find that internal energy to turn things around and move forward.
    I do love your endless love and encouragement. It’s a train you have. Calling “all aboad.” And everytime you make a stop more people hop on and ride their way to healing. I like that. I just hope I will hop on soon – this is getting old.

  • Farrel says:

    I have been going out of my mind with grief. My husband of 15 years died Dec. 10, 2012. Our 11 yo daughter found him, her 12th b-day was the next day on the 11th. I miss everything! I grieve for my husband, myself and my children. The words you write are exactly what I needed and it sounds like something my husband would say. Thank you!

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