I Am a Jumper!

I have a confession to make. I am the opposite of doubt. The opposite of waiting. The mirror image of leaping. The twin flame of jumping. I am a jumper. A leaper. A doer. Fear motivates me. The unknown calls me. The jungle invites me. I leap without seeing. Without knowing. And I do without thinking. I launched Second Firsts without thinking. If I thought, I would never ever have done it. This…

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Give up. Today. For real.

  You have tried everything. You have walked every path. Said every word you had to say. Tried every angle. Pushed yourself to the limits. You have done it all. And it did not work out. Now you are ready to just give up. You want to stop trying. Working so hard. Knocking on every door. I understand.   I hear you. You are tired. Rejected. Alone. So I will ask you something I have never…

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She comes into your life always unexpected. Her footsteps are always so quiet, as if she is bare footed. When you see her, you notice her arrogance at first. Then her beauty. Oh she is breathtaking. Her visits are short but so memorable. But when she shuts the door behind her, your heart freezes. You are in shock with how she shook your life. You are angry. You pace the room. You get mad at…

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I discovered something unexpected in my years of helping others. Something you might not like to hear. I must say it took me a while to see this. Primarily because it is hard to believe. So here it goes. The people who I could never help, the people who stayed in grief, sorrow and loss were the people who did not know how to give. They also did not know how to thank. On top of that, they expected…

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You are not a character in a movie.

Tell me who you are outside of everyone else’s expectations, outside of your fears. Outside of the part of you that is so afraid to be real. Who is that? Who is the person that’s holding you back? Oh my dear friend, there is a big, big life waiting for you outside that door. Go on. Walk over there. And open it. Come on do it. I know you want to. I know passion lives inside of you. And yes I KNOW…

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You are WORTHY

Imagine for a minute that we are best friends. Just for a little while. Imagine just for the duration of this letter that I know your life, your story and your struggles. Imagine that we are sitting somewhere you love and we are having a conversation over coffee, or tea. It is sunny outside, and the ocean is heard from the beach. The blue skies smile over us and hope is abundant. During this…

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