Give up. Today. For real.

  You have tried everything. You have walked every path. Said every word you had to say. Tried every angle. Pushed yourself to the limits. You have done it all. And it did not work out. Now you are ready to just give up. You want to stop trying. Working so hard. Knocking on every door. I understand.   I hear you. You are tired. Rejected. Alone. So I will ask you something I have never…

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You are not sad. Just scared.

I never thought I would say this but here it goes. Fear is bigger than grief. It is bigger than tragedy.                       I am sorry to break this to you, but holding on to our story has nothing to do with sadness and loss. It has nothing to do with what terrible things have happened to us. But it has everything to do with being afraid…

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Working with Sexual Offenders Healed the Scars of Abuse

By Alexia Vernon If people had told me growing up that some of the most rewarding work I’d one day do would be with sex offenders, I most likely would have laughed in their faces or told them, “How dare you suggest that they deserve a second chance!” Because although I was one of less than 20 percent of children who spoke out about her abuse, for the majority of my life I was trapped in an…

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