Give up. Today. For real.

  You have tried everything. You have walked every path. Said every word you had to say. Tried every angle. Pushed yourself to the limits. You have done it all. And it did not work out. Now you are ready to just give up. You want to stop trying. Working so hard. Knocking on every door. I understand.   I hear you. You are tired. Rejected. Alone. So I will ask you something I have never…

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I discovered something unexpected in my years of helping others. Something you might not like to hear. I must say it took me a while to see this. Primarily because it is hard to believe. So here it goes. The people who I could never help, the people who stayed in grief, sorrow and loss were the people who did not know how to give. They also did not know how to thank. On top of that, they expected…

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Outer space. Inner Grief.

I always wanted to travel to space. Just to look at the earth from afar. I have imagined this moment so many times. I would see myself look from the window and shed tears of pure awe. I always felt that the Earth had one heartbeat, and just one soul. From space we look like we are all wrapped up in one big beautiful ball. No egos, no politics, no past or future. If we only knew not how small we…

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My own Higgs Boson

Decades of theory and research came to a huge announcement this week Higgs Boson is for real. The discovery of such particle is such a revolutionary moment for all humanity. And just in case you never heard of Higgs boson. The best way to describe it is, the discovery of where mass comes from. That's right we are now going to be able to find out where we come from. Where we all originate from.…

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