You have been friends forever.

They have known your kids since they were babies.

They have grown up with you!

But all of a sudden history is not enough to keep the friendship going.

Memories are not enough to sustain the connection.

You have changed.

Your life experiences are vastly different to your friend’s.

They don’t get you.

They have no clue what you go through every day.

You get into silly arguments quite often and your visits with each other are no longer a positive experience but something you dread.

But you are certain that letting them go is not an option.

How could you?

After all they haven’t mistreat you or done anything to hurt you.

You are just no longer aligned.

But you hang in there.

You go through all the dinners.

The coffees.

The calls.

But what if I told you it is time to let them go.

Close the door.

Walk away.

I closed the door to two very good friends this last year.

The door closed shut.

I want you to hear the shutting of the door.

It was air-tight.


At first the guilt of moving on was haunting me day and night.

But as the days went by I felt more certain about this decision.

These friends were part of my old life and deep down they knew that things did not fit anymore.

We did not really see eye to eye.

It was not very pleasant to be together.

So I did it.

I broke up with them.

And it was over immediately.


I just stopped saying yes to all the invites. I stopped calling them.

I went quiet.

And you know what happened?

They did not try too hard to stick around either.

One call unanswered. One NO.

They walked away too.

I learned something from that experience.

I should have let them go a long time ago. They actually felt the same way as I did.

I was just the brave one to shut the door first.

If you have had a tough loss, a job change, a divorce or going through a life interruption I know that you have a friend or two like mine.

Time is very valuable and we often do not have enough of it. Don’t spend your valuable time with people you would rather not visit with.

Today’s homework is all about breaking up with them.

Are you ready to shut that door?

With new friends and no guilt.