I often wondered about the word warrior.

How do we become one?

How do we go from being in pain, broken hearted to having  strength and the ability to do something that was told to you as impossible.

When do we go from weakened to warrior like?

Is there a time and a place that we shed our old identity and dress up in our new one?

Or does it happen slowly.


Without anyone even being aware of our hidden warrior self.

The underdog.

The quiet one.

The unexpected.

The warrior who does not know he is one.

The miracle worker who cannot see his one miracles.

Until one day he has no choice but to see that he has moved from pain to strength. From being quiet to roaring.

From doubting to believing.

From hate to love

From bitter to compassionate.

From the unthinkable to the impossible.

From the tortured to the warrior.

From grief to life.


You are an invisible warrior who can see the world as he chooses to.

Black or white.

Dark or Light.

Happy or sad.

I decided to become a warrior 7 years after my husband died.

Actually I was not a warrior until 4 weeks ago.

I stopped looking at the impossibility of things and started to feel this energy moving slowly through my body.

It took over my thoughts, my fears and my doubts about my abilities.

It stopped examining the obstacles and started looking at the miracles.

Admiring the possibilities of what’s coming ahead.

I went from being tired to ready for the 18 hour work days.

I took control of all the chaos and gave it patterns, beauty and a sustained dance.

And I danced with the chaos of a book launch.

I sang to my thoughts and gave birth to new lyrics.

I woke up from tremendous fear to a warrior self who is ready to take on the world with the book as my armor.

With you as my warriors.

With hope as our heart.

And love in our soul.

And we brought the house down.

We nailed it.

We sold out every single book in the warehouse 3 weeks prior to release and 4,000 people were helped.

On Monday my book Second Firsts comes out.

I will wake up in the morning, get down on my knees and ask for the dance.

Ask for the dance with all of you.

And I will sing to you through my soul.

I will sing to you from my heart.

Warriors don’t fight.

They orchestrate a beautiful tango with the world.

You are my tango partner and I love dancing with all of you.

Here’s to November 4th, to the book and to your healing.

The world is ready for this new kind of coupling.

Tango will never look the same.

With dance moves,


PS: Info about the book here:  www.secondfirsts.com/book 

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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