As I was getting ready to write you this Message in a Bottle…

I started writing a letter to God/Universe/Divine Power.

And what happened surprised me.

I nearly did not publish this letter.

But I think I did not receive these answers for myself.

So think of me crazy if you must…but if some people get helped from this.

It would be so worth it.

So here it goes:

Dear God,

It is so hard to see so many hurting people.

So many people suffering every single day.

You see them everywhere…in the streets.

On the busses.

Through windows.

In far away countries.



And it is endless.

Dear God I really don’t like this.

I really don’t like it at all.

How can we make it a little easier?

Just a tiny bit easier.

So we can carry the load.

I am not asking you to take it all away…

but just to lift it up a bit so we could learn to reenter to life.

So we could go on a little longer and have some hope.

I know we have so much to learn here on this earth.

And I do know that grief is a big teacher.

And as I am writing this letter to you, I am receiving these answers…oh wow.

I am getting your responses…(and I was getting these answers come through…I was not expecting this)

You are telling me that we have the same power as you.

That WE ARE God and that if we choose LIFE our burdens will get lighter.  

You have been trying hard to show us that we have the ability to change our lives.

present momentBut we still feel powerless.

So God if you could speak to us what would you say?

If you could show us the way where would you have us go?

There is no direction.

No certain path.

Everyone can choose to go the way he wishes.

As long as we believe in ourselves and we are aware of the powers that we have within.

Then the path would be the right one.

You know God what I believe in…I believe in plugging into life day in and day out.

No matter the pain and the sorrow.

Life is there for the taking.

And I know this is not easy to do.

What should I tell the world about rejection, disappointment, heartache and repeated loss?

We keep asking why?

You will never find the answer just by asking.

The only way this is ever going to work is by believing and doing.

You should never take life for granted.

You have to fight for it, when you lose it.

And you have to love it when you have it back.

 And this is the message you should continue to share.

And I shall continue to share this message forever.

With life,