I still believe in fairy tales.

Yes you read right.


I believe in love.

I believe in dreams.

I believe in miracles.

I believe in laughter after tragedy.

I believe in eternity.

In heaven.

In friendships.

In human kindness.

In spirit.

In connection.


I have seen so many… many miracles happen after tragic… tragic losses.

I have seen so much beauty after hardship.

So much light in the darkness.

So much strength in weakness.

How can I not believe in life when I have seen so much of it after such loss and tragedy?

Don’t ask me to believe that grief lasts forever.

Don’t ask me to stop spreading the message of hope.

I believe in fairy tales no matter the heartache and the loss.

But we must talk about the essence of a fairy tale.

What do I mean by FAIRY TALES?

As it is not about perfection.

It is not about the happy ending.

It is about the middle, the love we had and lost.

It is about the memories.

The honoring of our life.

The respect of our past and the belief in our future.

That is what fairy tales are made of.

And if a prince on a white horse shows up too… well then we call that the cherry on top.

Don’t stop believing in a beautiful life because sadness has taken away your dreams.

Don’t stop believing in perfect days.

Don’t stop believing in funny moments.

In dancing in the middle of the night because you felt like it.

In meeting your second soul mate in the midst of chaos.

In finding your dream job within you.

In leaving your house and venturing out into the open world more and more each day.

In seeing the divine in everyone.

In bending reality and slowing down time.

In living out loud without shame.

In taking guilt and breaking her in to many pieces.

In screaming from happiness.

In running as fast as you can and not losing your breath.

You see…I am not a fool believing in life after loss.

I am just a human being able to see life in the midst of grief.

And I am here to help you find your own life in the midst of yours.

I promise you LIFE is there waiting for you to light her up.

Waiting for you to open the door.

Humans have descended on this earth to live their own fairy tales in the midst of their tragedies and that’s the beauty of humanity my dear friend.

The finding of the fairy tale when you least expect it.

With unexpected fairy tales,


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