Your mind feels like it can explode after loss.

It feels shattered and in many pieces.

It feels confused, unable and going around the same thoughts over and over again.

Most of the time these thoughts are about fear and doubt.

These thoughts are not only questioning your life, your family and your friends, but also yourself.

You are questioning everything now.

You live in doubt and uncertainty.

Your world is upside down.

Your heart is in mourning.

But this is where I will ask you for a favor.

I will ask you to pay attention.

I will ask you to look for something that is so difficult to find that is almost impossible.

Within you there is a new way of thinking.

There lives the most creative, bravest, soul of all.

Within the fear and the uncertainty you have a glimpse of the impossible life.

A life created so differently from everyone around you that you are even afraid to think your own thoughts.

You know it is there, but you do not dare bring it out in the open.

Today, I want to ask you to listen to that new thought about a new life.

About a life that is so different to what everyone expects of you that you have been hiding it from yourself.

What I am asking you to do is not easy.

I am asking you to go under your everyday loud thoughts of despair and seek this thought that is so different to who you have been.

It is so different to what you have known that you don’t even know it is your thought.

I am here to tell you that this thought is your thought and I WANT to hear it.

I am going to ask you to close your eyes for just for a few moments and look for the life you want to create.

Look for what is different now.

Look for the unsame.

The thing you never thought you wanted.

The life you never thought was for you.

Look for that life.

And don’t tell your friends about it yet.

Don’t tell your inner circle yet.

This is your secret.

This is only for you, for now.

You need to protect your new thought.

You can’t expose it to anyone who is negative or to anyone who might think you lost your mind.

You have to get traction first. You have to build the new thought to be stronger first before you speak of it to others.

The world around you wants you to do and be the same as them, not because they don’t want you to be happy, but because their way is the only way they know how to live.

And their way is not your way.

Their thoughts should not be your thoughts.

Your loss changed you so remarkably that you must explore who you get to be now. (Click to Tweet!)

And I guarantee you, it will not look like the people you know.

It will look different and extraordinary in ways that nobody expected.

Last week I made one of my crazy dreams come true.

I had one of those secret thoughts many years ago that was so crazy even to me that I didn’t even dare tell myself about it.

I kept that thought close to my heart over the years, and as I grew my confidence, as I got to know myself better and better, I allowed that thought to speak to me.

I allowed that thought to become an action.

I let that thought lead the way in secret to the rest of the world at first.

Until the thought got traction.

Until the thought became a reality.

I will be at NASA next week doing research on a special project and watching an extraordinary mission go to space.

I could have let that thought be lost under all the fear, the grief and the doubt.

But something within me held on to it.

Held on to it until I was brave enough to do something about it.

What is the thought you need to hold on to until you can do something about it?

To your infinity and beyond,