Imagine a voice deep deep within you.


Almost silent. 

She has been there since you were born.

She was born with you.

She learned to talk and write when you did.

She has seen your life through your eyes.

She has heard everything you heard.

She witnessed your sorrows, your journeys, your relationships and your joyful moments.

She  became a vessel.


A container.

She embodied your spiritual self. 

She has held your every word but also your every thought and feeling.

She is the transporter of your spirit. 

But you silence her every day.

You tell the voice to stay contained in the vessel.

Be quiet voice.

Be quiet. 

You don’t have anything to say. 

That is worth saying. 

All you know is my life. 

All you have experienced is what I have experienced. 

And how could that be good enough little voice?

You have nothing to say. 

Nothing to say that means something. 

Be quiet. 

And the voice listens as the servant that she is.


The servant of your spirit.

The voice goes back to the vessel.

To the transporter of your spirit.

And she waits. 

Waits for maybe the next lifetime that you might pay attention to the voice.

When you will ultimately believe that you have something to say.

The moment you discover that you are a messenger. 

And free your spirit out of the vessel and into this lifetime. 

When you do… you will experience many miracles, one after the other.

You will unearth your spirit and start expressing your life’s essence.

But how after all these years… can you start revealing your spirit, your actuality?

At first the voice will be timid. 

A little afraid of the light.

After all, the voice was hidden in the vessel for as long as you have been in existence.

You need to walk her out slowly with just a few words at first.

Just enough to get her baring.

Enough for her to be awakened.

It won’t take her long now…in fact she is here trying to talk with you right now.

Are you listening?

With a big voice,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Erin McRaven says:


    My “little voice” seems to speak with a Pirate accent….. Am I crazy??? :p

  • Robyn says:

    Very touching

  • Roberta says:

    Thank you, Christina, for bringing awareness to all of us who have experienced great loss and remained stuck in a world between worlds. Your book has given me courage to move forward. Eleven years after my husband’s death, I feel proud of the steps I’ve taken, but know that it’s not enough. Clinging to the old life feels safe and comfortable, and because of that I’ve inhibited potential growth. While already taking small steps towards a new life, your words have given me confidence to do it proudly, with enthusiasm, positive feelings, and bigger steps. No guilt. No regrets. Tuning into knowledge that has always been there. Life is for living, experiencing, and enjoying. We are meant to explore the truth of ourselves. I breathe in words and feelings of solidarity with all of you that know what it means to lose someone dear and important, someone who is our everything. It was their time to go, and our time to stay. Now it is our time to grow.

  • Sheila Portnoy says:

    I started crying this is so true and so touching. I do affirmations with the little girl inside of me….Roberta comment was very beautiful, Thank you for sharing……<3<3<3

  • Randi Mauro says:

    I am using my voice Big Time. I have been fighting with Corporations since I opened my eyes this morning. I Don’t Care. No One is bullying me, terrorizing me ever again. From Philip Morris, Microsoft, Doctors, abusers. People I pay my money to. I am speaking. A decade of my life is all I am willing to give.
    Even my children know..Stand Up Strongly. They can’t. That hurts me to my core. I just love them & I am loving me.I am pushed to be strong for I am all they have. But I get really tired .
    I have a 10/15 deadline on my book. I’m getting a cleaning service in here to help me organized as I moved into this apartment in 3 days alone..
    I bought myself a purple glass vase & I filled it with tiny roses & baby’s breath. I want to start feeling like a woman again. It will be 9 years in November that my Husband, who cherished passed. 9 years since I was so ill. It’s time I start listening to that voice, that tells me to focus & complete this novel. It will not only help me.It will help so many. That is my plan. That is my prayer and goal. TY Christina. Life is short & I’m not done yet..xxxxx

    • Anita Crane says:

      Sending many good thoughts for your book and new life.
      I love that you are getting help with the organizational chores.
      You’ve been through a lot and I admire your.

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