I Have Found Ways

Grief comes not just when one dies, but when one's life, as they know it dies. I lost the life I knew when I was 18. I was almost ready to leave home to study history at the University of Reading, England. It was summer, and I was at a camp, volunteering when I came down with something that felt like the flu. I was feverish and exhausted and, after the sunny days on an animal sanctuary in Kent,…

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The Vessel

Imagine a voice deep deep within you. Quiet. Almost silent.  She has been there since you were born. She was born with you. She learned to talk and write when you did. She has seen your life through your eyes. She has heard everything you heard. She witnessed your sorrows, your journeys, your relationships and your joyful moments. She  became a vessel. A container. She embodied your spiritual…

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Break up. Its OK.

You have been friends forever. They have known your kids since they were babies. They have grown up with you! But all of a sudden history is not enough to keep the friendship going. Memories are not enough to sustain the connection. You have changed. Your life experiences are vastly different to your friend’s. They don’t get you. They have no clue what you go through every day. You get into silly…

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You are not sad. Just scared.

I never thought I would say this but here it goes. Fear is bigger than grief. It is bigger than tragedy.                       I am sorry to break this to you, but holding on to our story has nothing to do with sadness and loss. It has nothing to do with what terrible things have happened to us. But it has everything to do with being afraid…

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Guest blog: The face of chronic illness

We all recognize and respect the grief of others when they’ve lost a loved one. We know that whether the pain is visible or not, loss equals grief, and those who have not yet experienced that pain firsthand will at some point in their lives feel it. But there is also a profound sense of loss that accompanies chronic illness. While I have firsthand experience with the pain of loss, my daily life…

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