What if I told you that the way you choose to look at your life will either make you blissful or devastated.

Grateful or bitter.

Happy or sad.

Is it possible that you have been looking at your life from the wrong place?

Is it imaginable that you could have misunderstood your history?

I understand you have had some bad luck.

And you wonder how can you choose to be blissful when you are mourning a relationship?

How can choose to be grateful when every day your life is taking the wrong turns.

I get that.

This can be a challenge for me too.

It is easier to choose bitterness and sadness.

Drama is more attractive.

For all of us.

And let me tell you there are plenty of bitterness, devastation and sad to focus on.

It is unlimited.

You can have so much loss that you can talk about it all the way to your last day.

But do you really want that?

I certainly don’t.

Call me delusional.

Tell me that I am in denial.

I know what you might be thinking….I could be ignoring the truth of my life.

Call it whatever you want.

I won’t budge from happiness.

I won’t budge from gratitude.

Imagine if your life story was told another way.

Imagine the impact it would have on your identity.

On your goals and dreams.

On your relationships.

And of course the mark it could have in the world.

I am going to ask for a big favor today.

I am going to ask you to rewrite the story of your life with me.

I want you to finish this sentence. And keep on writing all of the things you are…. oh so forever grateful for.

“My life may not have been a bed of roses, or had in it a white

picket fence but…”

 With a new story,

Christina Rasmussen

PS. The Life Starters became a 501c 3 yesterday. Now you can make tax deductible contributions to help me bring this to life. www.thelifestarters.org  My story has been rewritten to say “but …I got to help people live, love and laugh again.”

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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