I think we all have regrets at some point in our lives.

Even the people who say “I have no regrets” they say this

to make themselves feel good.

I have even said this at some point in my life. “I have no regrets.”

But to be honest with you I do.

And so do you.

And you know what else, it is ok to have regrets.

How else would we change our life if we were on the right course all the time.

Regrets are steering us in the right direction.

In the last few days as you know I made a big move from one coast to the other.

I closed the door on one life and walked in a brand new one.

And while you step out of one chapter and into the other you get to see.

You get to see so clearly.

Oh my goodness.

Oh my Lord.

I saw so many things all at once.

And I gasped with all that clarity and all that understanding of me.

I worked way too much.

I was too busy for life.

I was too busy for me.

I took a back seat.

I know you have regrets.

Don’t you even try to tell me that you don’t.

But make sure you don’t beat yourself up about them.

You are not dead.

You still have years to live.

And even if some of the people are no longer here so you can make amends,

look around you and go tell someone you love them.

When my husband died I had so many regrets. These are the things I used to tell myself after he died:

“I did not take care of him enough.”

“I did not show him I loved him enough.”

“I did not give him enough empathy while he was going through chemotherapy.”

“I was selfish.”

The list goes on.

But these are not real regrets.

It is guilt talking to me and bringing in drama.

So let’s short through your regrets and get rid of the guilt.

I would like to ask you to choose one regret that you will completely cross out of your life.

What is that one regret?

Now that we eliminated that one regret that is not serving you, let’s find a regret

that is real.

What I mean by that is… that yes you should have done x,y,z but you didn’t.

Fill the gaps of this sentence:

“I regret….but as of today I will start….”

How does this feel?

Now let’s take action and change our life. And do what you regret not doing.


With action,



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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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