It has been three years since I created Second Firsts, with the goal of bringing happiness back to millions of grieving people around the world.


In that time I’ve received countless emails from you, my loyal followers, thanking me for my hard work and dedication. Your kind words have done more for me than you could possibly imagine. You have all inspired me just as much as I’ve inspired you.


Now I want to show you my gratitude with a special gift.


Every recovery from grief requires us to find a new identity to step into. As you can probably guess, that is no small task. That’s why I’ve compiled five steps to finding the new you in a beautifully illustrated PDF file for you to keep at home.


With this collection of motivational tips for starting over after loss, you can get the wheels of your recovery turning from the comfort of your own home. It includes writing activities, words of inspiration, and stunning photographs to help you rediscover your inner passion and come back to life.


Just submit your contact information in the form below and we’ll send this special gift to your inbox right away. Thank you for three years of inspiration.


With life, love and laughter,




P.S. The new Reentry class begins July 13. I hope you join me. Click here to learn more.


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