Even though we never met and possibly never will.

You are real to me.









Every Friday morning when I am about to start writing..

I think about what you need to hear so you can take

that one step forward. 

I also think about your heart and what it has gone

through in this last week.

Do you need inspiration?

A wake up call?

Or just a good friend by your side.

I close my eyes and listen for the answer.

Today I received this simple message:

You are a little tired of waiting for something better to come along.

No matter what I say today you just have to be wherever you need to.

No need for advice, bold action and injections of courage.

You just need to be, with no expectations, and no to do lists.

You need a break from life.









You need a break from goals and big dreams.

You just need quiet.



Time to breathe.

Enough encouragement.

Enough talk about how to get back to life fully.

Today… it is ok to stay in the waiting room between the life you left behind and the life you are meant to have.

Today just wait for your self to catch up.









The only person you can’t ever leave behind is you.

Wait for you today.

It is ok.

And I will be here next week to pick up wherever we left of.