Are you one of those people who wake up every morning and try not to rock the boat?

Are you always smiling even to the people you actually do not like?

Do you spend time with people who mistreat you?


Do you have people in your life who will always complain no matter how hard you try to give them the very best of you?

These questions can go on and on but the truth is.. we have all been guilty of the answers to these questions.

No matter how much good work you will do, there will always be someone who you cannot satisfy.

You can have the most beautiful smile.

The kindest heart.

The best intentions and you will be misunderstood.

You will be misheard.

And still be rejected.

So how do you stop caring whether people are happy with you?

This is what you need to know.

If you have gone through loss or not and you are still trying to please everyone around you.

Give it up.


You are the only person you need to take care of.

If you have been abandoned by someone and you are still  running after them, ask yourself this:

Why are you asking for more abandonment?

Isn’t once enough?

Walk away, right about now.

You are worthy my dear one.



If someone in your life complains about you… day in and day out.

Interrupt them.


Interrupt them.


It might sound silly but do something unexpected.

Even start moving furniture around them.

Make noise.

Whatever you do interrupt the complaint.

And if someone is mistreating you.

OPEN THE DOOR and walk out.

Without even saying a word. Just leave the mistreatment.

So rock the boat a little today.

Interrupt. Walk out. Stop chasing.

Certainly you have nothing to be afraid of.

You have seen worse days.

Isn’t that the truth?

 With lots of boat rocking,


PS. Share how you will rock the boat today right here in the comments area.