Last night I dreamed that I was an astronaut in my own spaceship.

I was floating in space amongst the stars.

I could see all the sparklers around me and my body was experiencing a floating sensation.

It was so real that I felt as if I was really there.

It lasted just a few seconds but the memory of it will last forever.

You see, one of my dreams is to go to space.

It is a real dream.

One that I believe I will make come true in the next 15 years.

You might be doing the math too.

And that would make me 58 years old.

Yep. 58 years young.

You might wonder how do I dream such crazy dreams.

Who am I to think that I could even go to space?

Who do I think I am making these big crazy goals?

Making them publically as well.

The answer to that question is always the same.

I am a woman who experienced loss and has since shifted her perspective to include moon shots, grand experiences, missions, adventures of the soul and space travel.

And no it is not because I think life is short.

Life is not short at all.

It is because grief has granted me a new sense of being.

A new level of living.

A higher vibration of life.

An incredible feeling of awe.

And self belief.

Belief in myself that allows me to write you letters that sit at the edge of any kind of box that this world has put us in.

You might think I am a little insane, and I am here to tell you no…it is not a little insanity…it is a lot.

I am proud of my edginess, space dreams, grand missions to save the world of heartache.

I actually like who I have become after my loss.

I like her a lot.

She made me love life again.

She expanded my view so dramatically that it was and still is as if I am living in a brand new world.

Why am I telling you all of this during Thanksgiving?

Because today I want to ask you for something.

When you sit at the dinner table say something your relatives don’t expect you to say.

While you are sitting next to your aunt, your brother or sister, your relatives and people who may not even expect anything new from you, blurt something unexpected.

Surprise them.

Surprise yourself.

And use this day to break away from any limitations your life after loss has imprinted on you.

As for me… as the years go by, my impossible dreams become more possible.

I find courage to not only dream them but do them.

I often wonder… what would he say if he was still alive.

And I don’t wonder for long, the answer comes pretty quickly.

He would smile and he would say that he knew.

He knew the woman I would become.

And I also know who you can become.

I believe it so deeply.

Here’s to your crazy dreams, living on the edge of your mind and your insane ability to craft goals that could not have been possible without your heart experiencing immense loss.

Remember you have nothing to lose, especially when you have already lost so much. (Click to Tweet!)

Wishing you a surprising and edgy Thanksgiving,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Sharon says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Christina!
    I love this message , it brought a smile to my face. Hmm, Now what can I say to surprise my family?? 🙂 I can just see you now in the spaceship, glowing with JOY. Courage to dream but also make the dreams come true. So thought provoking for me today. Thank you!

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