Loneliness lives in this deep central place in the universe.

It walks into the homes of women and men.

It breaks into their hearts.

It says their words.

It cries their tears.

Every day and every night.

It robs hope like a pro.

And it wipes out their future.

Everything goes dark.

Not just at night.

But during the day.

Loneliness is the saddest most heart wrenching experience I have ever seen.

And it operates systemically, like a cancer disease.

Like a central nervous system.

This central location that loneliness calls home is somewhere deep inside of us all.

And of course invisible.

Loneliness is completely unseen.

Unbodied. Untouchable.

Eradicating it requires a visit to the central home inside the universe.

Where someone can go and turn off the lights and burn down Loneliness forever. And ever.

I have been on my way for a while now.

And on the road I see thousands of homes with just one person inside of them.

Sitting in front of their TV. Crying.

I have also seen all these big beds with just one person sleeping in them. On one side.

The other side made, always untouched.

The sinks in the bathrooms only have one tooth brush.

The dishwasher never fills up completely.

The formal living room is always empty.

At the workplace, thousands of cubicles with just one person in them.

I get mad but most of all I am so heartbroken.

And it is nobody’s fault. Loneliness spreads the most after grief.

When the human is robbed from life, loneliness lights up and gets stronger.

It moves in. And stays until the end.

Well, not anymore.

If you are reading this letter and you have felt lonely in your life, please know that I will find your home, give you hope and people to love.

Get ready for me.

Your phone will ring often. And your TV will turn off for a while.

You are not supposed to live life on your own. Not now. Not ever. (Click to Tweet!)

I love you.


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