I’ll never know for certain whether grief was the catalyst to a rugged voice and a relentless attitude.

I will never know whether my tragedies built the foundation for the force that drives me into the wilderness every day.

The wilderness of a purposeful life.

I gave birth to my biggest dream this week.

My spirit felt it.

There was expansion.

DNA stretching. Eagerness.

It didn’t feel easy.

Even though I planned this for a long time.

It felt like a new portal opened up, another dimension to the same life was added.

And my identity stretching and reaching a new place.

Nobody talked about the wilderness after loss.

Nobody talked about the power of grief and what it can get you to do.

Honestly, it is as if my destiny is driving me forward.

How did I get to today?

Well, at first, firing up the engine after loss was not easy.

It took a few years to find the switch.

But then it started going without shutting down.

Now my mind is reaching a place of self awareness that I never had before.

It feels like I am watching myself from afar.

I call it… The Watcher.

At The Life Starters we train our brains to activate our Watcher so the engine drives us to the right dreams for our destiny.

I have trained my Watcher to see this journey from the end.

I often travel to the end of my life.

And I look back.

I see this week in January 2016 from that faraway place in the future and I smile at this younger self.

I smile at the frustrations, the tiredness and the early days of helping so many people.

I have a knowing that everything is as it should be and above all nothing can be harder than grief. (Click to Tweet!)

Today, I am going to ask you to do the same.

Activate your Watcher. The part of you that has been with you all along.

This part of you that knows your past, your present and your future in a timeless way.

Ask your Watcher to travel to the end of your life and look back.

What do you need to know about your life today? Remember your life after loss can lead to a purposeful life.

With fierceness,


PS. Come join The Life Starters … wisdom, friends and new dreams are awaiting.

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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