Do you know how brave you are?

I know we have never met but I bet that you have been brave many times in your life.

So many that they would not fit on this one letter. Your brave moments would fill a whole book.

You would have to write for hours, days, weeks and you would still not be done writing about your bravery.

You see my brave warrior there have been so many brave instances in your life, too many to count.

But you were too busy being brave to notice.

How do I know this about you?

Here is how.

There are no human beings in this world who are not brave. Not even one.

Our DNA is made to adapt, survive the worst and keep moving forward. In other words BRAVE.

I didn’t know this truth always.

In fact I just learned it this week.

Certain obstacles, people and events come into our lives and we have to step back, re-examine and see ourselves from afar. And that is when I saw how brave I had been even before my losses. I bet we have had some of the brave same moments.

I bet we are very alike.

People often ask me how do I know what is in their heart. I know because my heart carries the same pain as yours. My heart feels the same heartache as yours does.

My heart fears as often as yours. I am as insecure, and petrified every day as you. And I am as BRAVE.

When I left home at age 18 to live in a foreign country. BRAVE

When I asked a boy out knowing I would be rejected. BRAVE

When I told the truth to a friend. BRAVE

When I biked home at 4:00am scared to death in the dark. BRAVE

When I believed I could pass my exams and get into one of the best schools England could offer. BRAVE

When I painted my first painting and hanged it up on my wall, so people could see it. BRAVE.

When I decided to get pregnant again after having lost a daughter. BRAVE

When we bought a brand new house, while we knew he was dying. BRAVE

When I lied to the doctors about my husband’s health and flew him back home all the way from Manila Philippines. BRAVE.

When I brought my girls to him a few moments before he went into a coma to say good bye. BRAVE.

When I went back to school so I could provide for my children. BRAVE.

When I went out on a date months after his loss. BRAVE.

When I wrote the first message in a bottle and send it out to the world. BRAVE.

I am sharing some of my small and big brave moments as I know some of these are the same as yours. I bet you have braver moments to share.

Being brave is in your genes.

You can’t run away from it.

You can’t hide.

I know you have been brave.

And I know you can be brave again.


Take your biggest dream. Today. Find the first step and be brave.

After all you have been there before. A thousand times.

Make it a thousand and one. Re-Enter your bravery.

Would love to here your brave moments and your thoughts. Let me read about your brave life.

Christina Rasmussen

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