I am a vulnerable warrior.

I go for the biggest battles when I am the weakest.

I open up when I break down.

I discover when I am lost.

What a contradiction I thought.

Could this be the truth of our human kind?

Could it be that the only way we can step into our light is through the door of fear?

There is no safety in living fully.

There is no comfort in going for what we deserve.

It is a dirt road.

We get bloody knees.

Rugged clothes.



But then, that is when we see it.

The light comes through.

Our eyes find it hard to look up.

We are not used to the light.

But there it comes.

The dream is being fulfilled while we are still on the dirt road.

We are slowly making our way out of our default settings and our habits of the old life. It kind of feels like being homeless.

I just wish someone had told me that the road to my dreams was going to be a dirt road. That it was going to be very difficult.

It was going to be outside of my comfort zone with nothing to hold on to.

Nothing but action.

Nothing but belief in myself.

Nothing but love for a life fully lived.

You see even though some days the dirt road becomes too difficult to walk on I keep going. I keep traveling. I keep being a vulnerable warrior. Because I do believe the light is just ahead. And the only person who is going to get me there, is myself.

Please share the hardest part of your journey here so we can all meet along the dirt road of our dreams.

With a dream and some dirt,