I am afraid to leave.

How can I go?

I don’t even know that I want to go.

Things are not bad, just not ideal.

What about the kids?

I can’t do this to them.

I don’t want to be selfish.

Now put this on repeat.

Year after year.

Decade after decade.

Life is going by.

Without happiness.

Without love.

Without worthiness.




Frozen inside.

Wearing a mask so nobody can see all of the above.

This is what happens when we don’t get divorced, we go through the motions.

We live but we are not alive.

Time goes by as if we are watching a movie.

We forget to feel anything else but pain.

We forget what love was like.

One day we look in the mirror and we don’t like the person who stayed.

And now of course “its too late to go, because we are too old to begin again.” The person in the mirror says.

We have nobody else.

Who would have us.

And the script changes.

Life is tough.

I had to do what I had to do for the sake of my kids.

I had no choice.

And we lie to ourselves.

We self-deceive. We protect ourselves from the truth.

Because we can’t undo time.

We can’t go back to that person 20 years ago and tell them to get out.

We can’t undo what we did to ourselves.

So we pretend we are not at fault.

We see ourselves as the victim.

Who had no choice.

The more pain you feel reading this letter the more truth you are letting in, and the more you can change your life going forward.

So if you think this is your truth my darling, please listen carefully.

Today is the most perfect day for you to start over. (Click to Tweet!)

Today is a timeless day.

If you decided to leave a relationship today, you are not only changing your future but your past as well.

You are healing your whole life. How?

By choosing that person you were all those years ago.

And in a way you travel back in time finding yourself and bringing you forward.

So go ahead today, start saying something you should have said a long time ago.

Feel good about your truth.

Feel good about choosing yourself, however late it is.

I know this is a hard letter to read.

But I wanted to talk with you today, with the person who is afraid to hear the truth.

This is for you.

Please go ahead, re-enter life.

Re-enter your life.

All my love,