No words.

Nobody knows.

Not even you.

It is not seen.

It is not spoken.

And it is not described ever.

By anyone.

It lives in an invisible space, in an invisible hidden thought world that is only accessed by you.

But even you…. you….walk into that space not knowing its presence.

It is even invisible to you.

When the world around us cannot see a part of us, we cannot see it either.

The world is our mirror and it is witnessing us every day.

When the witness can only see a part of you, you spend the rest of your life living a partial experience.

What I am talking about is your invisible loss.

The losses in your life that you never spoke about, and nobody ever mentioned.

And no I am not talking about big invisible losses, even though, they are of course included. I am talking about every day losses that get ignored because your world around you underestimates the hold they have in your life.

They are alive inside of you.

Kicking your behind.

Yep. I had to just come out and say it.

When we can’t see our biggest influencer, we are influenced by this unseen force that shadows us, shakes us, and moves us in directions we don’t understand.

Everyone talks about midlife crisis as the reason for their troubled lives because they don’t see that they are actually grieving.

You, me and billions of people are grieving every day and the therapists of the world have called it depression and midlife crisis.


I want to go knock on their door and tell them that they are looking in the wrong place for years now.

The 21st century has brought with it a different kind of grief. A grief that moves in without you knowing its arrival. (Click to Tweet!)

And this grief never moves out until you die.

Not because it can’t, but because we can’t try to heal something we don’t know is there.

So how do you know where to look, and how to find this invisible loss?

I will ask you today to take one step.

One simple step.

Grab a pen, paper or just your notes on your iphone.

And write down the first thought that hits you when you hear the words invisible loss.

What is that thought?

That thought has the clue of the invisible grief you have been feeling.

It could be a friend disappearing on you without a warning.

It could be the constant ignoring by a peer at work.

It could be your marriage not having the passion it once had however much you love your spouse deep down, it is missing that spark.

The list of invisible losses is vast and long.

You need to find yours.

Once you do, share it with someone as it needs a witness.

Fast. It has been unseen for way too long.

I see you. Remember this. I see you, I see all of you.

And I will help you to get the world to see all of you.

Every day, every experience and every part of you.

With eyes,


Image courtesy of Andrea Pramuk.