I wish we were taught the skill of shaking off other people’s energies when we were born.

Energy cleaning should have been taught to us alongside crawling and walking.

The ability to shake off other people’s negative energy is such an important skill to have.

There is an invisible field we walk with. And that field interacts with everyone else’s. Keep it clean. (Click to Tweet!)

What is energy?

I am sure you have heard people talk about this in many interesting ways.

But my definition is very simple:

Energy is the feeling you feel when you are with someone.

Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn’t.

That energy can go from them to you, and you start to feel how they feel.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Imagine if someone told you that you get to feel and experience the inner world of someone else every time you interact with them.

What if they left a piece of them behind, for better or for worse.

Wouldn’t that motivate us to make sure we connect and have relationships with people who make us feel good?

I was visiting my doctor yesterday and from what I know of her she is a great person and doctor, but she must have been going through something yesterday because she was not very polite.

The exchange made me feel unwell and I walked out of the doctor’s office with a big frown on my face and a feeling that I did not like.

At first I blamed myself, thinking I must not have explained my symptoms well, or I must have done something to make her sound frustrated. And then it hit me, this woman was having a bad day and her energy was literally attaching on to me.

So I took certain steps to shift back to my normal default positive energetic experience.

Today I will share with you what I do in my every day life to keep my energy clean.

You can use this with friends, family members, peers and anyone who just made you feel not so great.

However small this energy experience may seem do not underestimate its ability to become a magnet for more energy like this to come your way.

You know the expression, Everything comes in threes? Well, that’s why.

Ok here it goes:

The Energy Shifter

  1. Become aware of the low energy coming at you via someone. You get the feeling that someone doesn’t agree with you, is frustrated with you and looks at you in a very unaccepting way. Most of the time it is very difficult to understand and have clarity around what is happening with the energy exchange. But you will recognize the shift by the change in feelings you are experiencing. If you felt good before you met with this person and now you are not feeling so great then you are experiencing an energy shift. Possibly coming from them and interacting with your energy.
  2. Recognize that this is not your typical default state feeling. This must happen while you are still interacting. You have to become an observer and a participant to be able to do that. In my book I talk about the part of us I call The Watcher. The Watcher lives within us and sometimes we call it intuition, inner knowing or gut feeling. Well, The Watcher is with you all the time, so listen in and know that this experience is lowering your energy and it is not good for you to stay there for long.
  3. Take a deep breath. You don’t need to run away immediately, just breathe. And acknowledge The Watcher by interrupting the interaction with silence.
  4. Step back from the situation and realign slowly by finding a way to walk away. If you are at a cafe having a cup of coffee and you are feeling energetically drained, it is time to cut the visit with your friend short by politely saying you need to get back. Most people think we have to explain everything we are doing to everyone. Well, we don’t need to explain why we do things. So, no need to explain just slowly take the steps to end the interaction in a very polite and warm way.
  5. Once you walk away make sure you engage with someone who you always feel good with. Call a friend you enjoy talking to. Or even go to your favorite store. Watch a movie you love that evening. Play music in your car. Sing along. Simple things that make us happy can so easily put us back to a good place.
  6. When thoughts come back about your experience afterwards and they remind you of the feeling you felt when you were in it, become aware of that memory, think it and then put it away. It will not do you any good to revisit it.

So your homework for today is to use this technique on an experience and shift your energy back to your natural state.

In my life today I stay away from anyone and anything that doesn’t make me feel good. Without an exception. I hope you do too starting today.

With good vibes,


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Image courtesy of Julia Watkins.