I wish you could see yourself through a new set of eyes.

I wish you had a new human to see you and then tell you about you.

Tell you how you walk.

Share with you how they feel around you.

Talk about your eyes, the words you use.

The skills you may have and you never knew about.

It is a different view of the view you have for yourself.

Most people never have the chance to see themselves through a brand new set of eyes. (Click to Tweet!)

Most of us have the same people around us every day, and unfortunately the eyes we have around us don’t see what is there, but what they want to see.

Imagine going through life without a new mirror in front of you.

It is like you never truly saw yourself.

You never really found out what you could have done next, who you could have become.

A few months ago I had a new set of eyes witness me.

This woman shared with me what she could see about me.

The view she had of me was so different from mine.

I was shocked.

I kept saying “Really?” over and over again. Like a broken record.

But once this view was handed to me I started seeing myself from there.

I couldn’t let it go.

It changed the trajectory of my life.

It changed what I thought I wanted for myself.

It changed my future.

I want you to have a witnessing experience too.

Especially if you have experienced tragic losses and don’t know how they have changed you throughout time, throughout a decade.

After a year. After a month. An hour.

It is important to find someone who is new in your life to do this witnessing experience with you. Someone who is not biased or influenced by your past.

Go for a cup of coffee with them and ask them about their view of you.

Once they start sharing what they see – walk in that view.

Start seeing your life from there.

Start seeing what’s possible.

Many people have died without knowing themselves fully.

I do not want you to die without knowing all of YOU.

Be open to what your witness has to say about you.

And if you are brave and want more witnessing, invite some more people to help you with this. Then look at all the new views of you.

And start exploring each one.

Make sure you stay where you feel the most happy.

With eyes and ears,