Two nights ago I had a dream, a very peculiar dream.

I dreamed of my husband who passed nearly 10 years ago.

In the dream I knew he was there, but I could not see him. We were walking together.

He told me these words “We have been together in both the physical and the non-physical world.” and the dream ended. I woke up.

I wanted to write this letter to you today and I think he would want me to as well.

There is a non-physical world around us and beyond this physical life.

When he passed away, apart from religion-based faith and some basic knowledge around the unseen world, there was nothing that could comfort me.

There was a relentless feeling in my chest, ready to eat me alive.

There were so many moments without breath, without air.

It was like an ocean inside of me, ready to come out with such force that it could have taken my heart with it.

This single dimension of loss that society around me offered after his passing was brutal. Whether it was religion describing it or my friends and family… there was a cruel finality.

It was a reality far away from knowing. True knowing of infinity.

But you see there is this place, this place beyond the friends and family, beyond religion and beyond the reality we are raised to believe in.

This place is beyond the edge of all that we have been told.

Beyond the edge of religion.

Beyond the edge of death.

Beyond what we have been told to believe.

We can get there.

We can get to it every single day.

What if I told you that wherever you are right now there are so many things around you that you can’t see?

There are so many dimensions, energies, thoughts and a field that is completely invisible to our human eyes.

So much of our world is unseen and we find it really hard to believe in something that we cannot prove. But what if we learned how to see the unseen? Prove the unseen to ourselves?

What if I told you that there is an interaction between the physical and the non-physical world every single moment of the day? Would you be open to considering it?

I have a request.

Tonight when the sun goes down and the stars go up, go outside.

Sit on your comfortable chair and look up. Look at the vastness of the sky.

Now focus on one part of the sky, a cluster of stars and find a way to connect your inner world with them. Your inner world is also invisible. Just like the people we lost.

Your mind is invisible. Your thoughts are invisible. Your soul is invisible.

But they are the most certain aspects of you.

Now take your invisible beingness and connect with the sky.

And yes, you will want to close your eyes.

Imagine a thread, a field, a connection between your inner unseen world all the way to the cluster of stars you are looking at.

Connect yourself with them. Feel the connection.

You are a part of the world that hovers on top of you every single night.

Now take that thread and connect it to the unseen and invisible soul of your person.

Your husband, your wife, your child, your parent, your friend anyone you have lost… connect them to you. Feel the tag.

Feel the physical world connecting with the non-physical.

Remember that you can connect with the non physical world anytime you want to. You are a part of it.

I hope tonight you go outside and send your thread to the stars and back again.

Your person is there too. And if you find this letter a little strange, it is ok.

The non physical world will always be there waiting for you when you are ready to connect with it. (Click to Tweet!)

With life,


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