I have a confession to make.

I am the opposite of doubt.

The opposite of waiting.

The mirror image of leaping.

The twin flame of jumping.

I am a jumper.

A leaper.

A doer.

Fear motivates me.

The unknown calls me.

The jungle invites me.

I leap without seeing.

Without knowing.

And I do without thinking.

I launched Second Firsts without thinking.

If I thought, I would never ever have done it.

This work is difficult.

Thank goodness I jumped without knowing.

I launched my non profit The Life Starters without thinking for more than 5 minutes. If I thought for 10 minutes I would have never invested in it.

I am doing the impossible with this. But since I jumped, I have to glide as long as I can, and I will glide and learn to fly.

Like an eagle.

I asked a boy out in college without even considering the possibility of him saying no.

He said no. I was so embarrassed.

I moved continents in a moment’s notice.

I said goodbye to good friends because it didn’t feel right anymore.

I loved deeply at a first glance. Again.

I never use the word BUT…

I never look for the problems.


Just all the goodness.

All the possibilities.

I have jumper cells and I jump without looking and sometimes I land.

And sometimes I don’t.

When I don’t land I glide, I glide elsewhere for another jungle, another love, another life.

I wasn’t always a jumper, in fact I spent many years worried about the most silly and insignificant things.

But then I met with death.

I saw him come in and take someone I love out.

In a split second.

Death jumped in my life and took someone with him.

Death was a jumper.

I had to catch up with him.

So I started taking risks, chances, loving, living, wanting, asking, having and knowing…knowing so much life.

Today I am going to ask you to leap and go in the jungle, in the unknown and live this day thinking about the possibilities and not the problems.

Live this day as a jumper, as a doer, a lover, a seeker, a maker.

Leap without looking, love without questioning and seek without knowing. (Click to Tweet!)

Without knowing anything at all.

Call me careless.

Call me anything you want.

If I was not a jumper this Message would never be written, thousands of people would have never changed their lives.

And I would not be who I am today.

In service to you.

Any regrets?


I just hope death lets me jump a few more times before he comes to take me, take me home.

With many leaps,


P.S. My friend Christine Hassler released her book Expectation Hangover this week.

I will be speaking in Vancouver on October 20th grab your tickets here.