What if when we die we begin a new journey?

In another place.

With other people.

What if when this life ends, another life begins.

What if we were off to another experience, another love, another journey?

Would we still be scared?

Would we still be sad about dying and aging?

What if the end of this life is the beginning of a new one?

What if there was a big, wide, beautiful portal that took us there the moment our hearts stopped.

Would we prepare to die the same way if that was true?

Would we mourn as much and as long for the ones who left before us?

Would we live differently?

I believe that it is possible that we don’t die.

We just get interrupted.

Change bodies.

And go to live somewhere else.

In another life with more people to love.

Another adventure awaits us after this one, one we cannot imagine or know about, while still here.

You see, our consciousness and our presence is so large and so dimensional that in my opinion it cannot stop existing.

Einstein said this after his friend died:

Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us…know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

If Einstein believed in a continuation of consciousness then who am I to not believe.

I choose to believe that cancer, car accidents, disease, death of any kind, are just doors to another room, another dimension where we get to play again.

What if we have been grieving something that never happens?

What if we grieved never seeing them again but we do, we do many times over just with different bodies and different names.

Without remembering, but with inner knowing we meet our soul mates many times in many lives and in many embraces. (Click to Tweet!)

Grief is an illusion that helps us evolve into a journey that the soul needs.

When we die here, we are born somewhere else.

When we age here, we prepare for youth elsewhere.

When we lose them here, we receive them in a far away place across the universe under many suns.

To see this as the truth we need to slightly shift our perception of time and space and understand that it is not linear.

Understand that we only have a small glimpse of what life is, enough so we can live it as if it ends without another beginning.

But if we closed our eyes, and traveled into our higher self, in there we have the truth, a truth so eternal that we keep it a secret so we can be reborn over and over again and still feel like it is our very first time.

Action: Today I will ask you to close your eyes and travel within yourself until you feel the timeless part of you. She/he is there always, forever and ever. Getting ready for the next journey.

With many lives,