I am about to make a really large payment to start building my non profit The Life Starters.
Big Breath!
My heart is both scared and excited.
She knows that I have nothing to be afraid of and that when I have no money left, the universe will send it to me somehow.
So I believe.
I believe in miracles.
I believe in doing everything you can for helping the world around you, and when you have nothing left to give that world will give back.
But I didn’t always think this way.
I don’t like to talk about money very much.
Actually I don’t like to talk about money at all.
So when I was in my car driving home one day, and was deep in my thoughts about trying to figure out how I was going to continue to support Second Firsts and build The Life Starters.
All of a sudden I received the most beautiful question.
It was almost like the Universe was listening into my thoughts.
In my thoughts, I was worried that I was going to run out of resources.

The question that was sent to me was this:
Christina do you have enough money today to do your work?”
I said: “Yes, I do”
However you want to call the divine power, God, Universe…HE/SHE responded back:
“When you will need more money, the money will come to you.”
My whole body went into shock and a burning sensation.
I knew right then, that I had experienced a very divine moment.
I could not really speak for a while.
I did not want to leave that feeling I had felt.
Calm, reassured and that I had someone watching over me.
Now if you had asked me 3 years ago what I thought about angels, God, divine interventions or even having help from above I would have said that I don’t believe in it.
I do this work on my own.
I work day and night to create a life for my kids.
But these moments of divine intervention tell me otherwise.
Tell me that I should not be afraid, that everything will be as it should.
And that money will never get in the way of my voice, of my calling and my mission.
So call this anything you want but the reason why I am sharing this with you is to help you hear the message you might receive.
Our brain is trained to ignore these messages, the fear center inside our brain gets activated so easily.
And sometimes we need quite the miracle to get our attention.
Today I will ask you to start listening for the voice within your fears.

Start listening for the divine intervention that is there for all of us.
I am not the only one with a story to share.
With a message to spread.
You are special and you are here for a reason.
But grief, if it is not healed can get in the way of that divine voice, of that life purpose.
I want to help you train your brain to listen in better.
I want to give you the tools to pay attention to the new thoughts that are coming in.
I believe divinity and science is one!
I dare you to use your tools to allow for divine interventions.
Will you silence the fear and watch out for the divine?
With a crazy spirit,