There are always going to be some things that we cannot predict.

There are always going to be unexpectedness in our lives.

You wake up one morning and you are getting in the shower, brushing your teeth having your breakfast and there is comes.


It hits you over the head and inside your heart.

Your soul knew it was coming but she has to come along for this ride.

She is there as the watcher waiting for you to ask for its wisdom.

Surprise. Surprise.

The Universe gave you something.

You did not want.

At first you hold it in your mind and your thoughts observe it.

Your heart speaks to it.

You are like a kid trying to see all its different sides.

You move it around in your mind.

You discuss it with your friends.

Then you give it a name.

And that is when your destiny can be changed.

When you choose to see something that is truly a bad thing with your own filter and your own perception.

How you choose to see this unexpected event and what you choose to name it can mean everything about your future.

It is almost like we get a new house we never chose.

You walk in and there are so many things that you would not have chosen for yourself.

Maybe it is cold in there at first.

Or you have to sleep on the floor.

It is possible that it has no windows.

And the door is broken.


The house where you find yourself almost as if someone from outer space beamed you there.

You did not expect any of this to happen.

You have no idea where to begin.

But you have one thing on your side.

You see this as a new start, as a chance to create something different out of it.

You become a builder and you start the building process.

Your unexpected event now becomes your own creation.

And that is when you get the controls back.

Your brain looks at your unexpected news as a chance to discover something new.

As an opportunity to create something that you could have never imagined.

When my husband died over six years ago the house I was given did not even have a foundation.

Metaphorically speaking, I was indeed homeless.

I had to start rebuilding from scratch.

From the ground up.

I had to reinvent the wheel.

His cancer diagnosis was definitely an unexpected surprise.

Our daughter was 9 month old and her sister nearly 3 years young when we got the news.

The Universe had sent me big project.

I must admit it took me some time to see this as a HOUSE OF CREATION.

It took me years to get behind the wheel again.

But it didn’t have to be this way.

I used to pray for a glimpse of my life in the future.

I would close my eyes and try to see what will happen next.

I was trying so hard to find out what’s ahead. But I used to get nothing.

Not even a glimpse at something.

I don’t think I was meant to know that the life I was to create would be


that could not have been imagined by the person I was then.

I had to evolve to whom I am today to see in my future.

And now the house of creation is like a Noah’s Ark.

You see my dear, dear one I would not be able to see how the house would have

looked like even if I tried.

It had nothing to do with my life then.

So if you are struggling with something today, something that took you by

surprise. Something you could have never expected.

See it as your HOUSE OF CREATION and start building your life with what

you have got, and not what you have lost.

Never look at your unexpected news as something you cannot control.

No matter how unexpected it was it comes from your soul’s journey.

And it belongs to you.

So walk in, and start YOUR CREATION.

With creation,


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