This year I am about to do the biggest rewrite of my life.

And no, it is not because of a loss I experienced or a tragedy I witnessed.

The rewrite is not because I don’t like my life. It is because I simply changed. (Click to Tweet!)

I changed while I was making my dreams come true.

My wishes are no longer what they used to be.

And that is when the rewrite must begin again.

You must respect your needs.

You must respect the changes that are taking place within you.

However crazy and unexpected they must seem to you.

Don’t judge yourself for changing.

Just start rewriting your story immediately.

There is a big difference in the Life Reentry® Process, when we Reenter out of happiness and fulfillment, instead of out of pain and stuckness.

Life is made of many Reentry points.

Reentry points that are created out of loss and Reentry points that are created out of joy and happiness.

I know that you might be someone who has just experienced a lot of pain and is looking to change your life, so you can just breathe.

You might be thinking that getting to a life you love is a long way away for you.

All I want you to remember from this letter is that one day when life is good again to seek something new, something even better.

To seek to fly.

To seek to reach even higher.

Even closer to who you are when you are laughing.

When you are dancing.

When you are joyful.

To seek Reentry then.

The Rewrite then is divine and unexpected in ways you can ever imagine.

Your homework for today is: Which part of your life needs a rewrite even though it looks great from the outside? Share with us below.

With rewriting,