You know those days that are so hard that you cannot even spit them out?

You know the days where you find yourself on the floor and you cannot even look up?

I know you have those days because I have them too,

even during the best years of my life.

Even during happiness.

And if you are sitting here thinking this letter is not for you,
then you better ask yourself:

‘What are you not looking at?’
What are you running away from?

You see our tough days are not here to make us look lost and helpless,
they are here to show to the world around us that we have a big heart.

That we are super human.
Super humans have a heart the size of Texas.

They cry their eyes out on tough days.

They also cry watching a sad movie.

They cry when someone says goodbye.

They even cry for something sad that has been left in the past.

I cried yesterday in front of my daughter.

And guess what? She smiled when she saw me cry.

She was glad I was sharing my heart with her.

She leaned over and gave me the biggest hug in the world while she kept smiling.

She was happy to help mommy get to a better day.

My tears were my bridge to my daughter.

I have always tried to hide my tears from the world around me.

But life after loss taught me something different.

It taught me to go ahead and have the tough days, to cry the tough days out.

Especially with our kids.

I hope today you share your tears with your daughter, your son and your world around you.

You have a superhuman heart in there don’t forget.

With tears,