I always had a messy kitchen.

Stuff everywhere.

I used to always have excuses as to why my kitchen was messy.

-I have small kids.

-I am a single parent.

-I am a working mom

-A clean kitchen does not mean a great life

Anyways, you get the point.

So recently… I got real with myself and stopped lying about how much my kitchen bothered me.

I would walk into my kitchens in all the houses I have ever lived and would always want to walk out.

When we had guests coming over for dinner I would clean it and make it ready for them.

But never for me.

I had convinced myself that I had no time for this kitchen to look good.

What I experienced for many years was this feeling of dread when I saw my kitchen.

I also held a belief for myself that I was not organized and I never had enough time to do these ‘unimportant’ things.

When you operate from a place of life and death perspective you can easily convince yourself that a clean kitchen, nicely decorated home and a made bed are not important bucket list items.

But what if they are?

What if it is important to live in a space that you feel good about yourself?

What if you start cleaning your kitchen and the daily habit of taking care of your space starts to extend to other areas? Then a clean kitchen is the reason for changing the beliefs about you.

It becomes the reason that you invited more people over.

You no longer avoid the neighbors who knock on your door. You get more friends to sit around the kitchen table.

You connect more.

You love more.

You see yourself as someone with a beautiful house.

Who has many friends drop by.

Who is popular.

Who is loved.

Who gets invited to other kitchens and dinners.

In my book Second Firsts, I have a step called Plug In, which helps you change your life in many small ways. Our lives can really transform by changing small things daily.

That is the only way I know how to change lives and how I changed my life over the course of 8 years.

You see, in the last few days I started to clean my kitchen more, and all of a sudden I have become this really busy woman with 4 kids with a really clean kitchen.


I am impressed with myself. 🙂

And all that, because I spent 5 minutes a day cleaning my clutter and wiping down the counters.

Maybe it’s an illusion or a reality that I choose to operate in by changing something that I can control.

You choose.

My homework for you this week is to wipe the counters of your kitchen every morning.

And see what happens.

Yes that is it.

A simple action you can do.

A simple request everyone can do.

How about that?

How about slowly getting used to being in control of our lives?

I say yes to that, and to a clean kitchen.

Never underestimate the ability to change your life by small simple tasks. (Click to Tweet!)

With a very clean kitchen,


PS. Make sure you watch my 15 min talk I did in Seattle.