Life comes with many changes.

Some are welcomed and expected, like a refreshing summer rain, or they run you over like a Semi Truck, leaving you crushed and spread out on the ground.

Changes in life are inevitable and with every breath we take they come, whether we want them or not. They aren’t meant to destroy us, but to grow us.

Although, there are times we feel we won’t make it through, we do rise above and glimpse the light of day with each new transformation.

The seasons are our example, as we watch nature go through a metamorphosis year after year. All of nature grows and matures through each of these cycles, becoming more beautiful and stronger.

We not only observe our environment, we are an intricate part.

The universe is within us and as it transitions, so do we.

Embracing this transition, whether it be through pain or joy, brings us higher and closer to who we truly are.

As we release our fear and embrace ourselves in love and acceptance, we can experience these shifts with confidence and fearlessness.

Within every ending, is the seed of a new beginning.


As a mother of six and grandmother of 17, I enjoy journaling about my life with its ups and downs. Two years ago, I lost my husband of 39 years and this avenue of expressing myself has become very dear to me. I find putting my thoughts into written form help me to heal and grow. I’m so grateful to Christina for the love she has shared with us and the healing we have experienced through her transparency.

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