This letter might shock you just a little.

I am going to be using a curse word and want to warn you.

Every week I share with you my own life experiences and use them to write this letter.

Well, here’s what happened the last few days. All of a sudden I started using the F word in my conversations.

And it is important for you to know that I don’t swear. Like I never do.

I am one of those people who just doesn’t.

But all of a sudden the last few days I started to notice the F word coming in more and more. But the most surprising thing was not that I said this word.

The most surprising thing was that I enjoyed saying it.

What? Me? Never?

How is that possible?

But yep, it was true.

So true that it made me feel free.

Free of containers.

Free of certain things that I believed.

And in the midst of it all I discovered that the use of the F word was parallel to the completion of my book proposal. In which I drew outside the lines all the time.

Was that a coincidence? Or was I on my way to more freedom and the F word was the symptom of that?

You are probably thinking I can’t believe Christina is writing about the F word. What’s happened to her?

Well, I don’t know if you remember but a few weeks ago I wrote to you about the new frontier after loss.

That there are so many layers after loss that we have to keep reentering and rediscovering ourselves. (Click to Tweet!)

And I discovered that I no longer wanted to draw inside the lines anymore.

I wanted to see my limits. Break them and find my new Re-entry point.

Well, it’s here and it kind of began with the F word.

So… for this weekend I am going to ask you to curse a little.

And just curse out loud if you find it freeing.

You know your own scale of the F word.

And don’t worry this is not a permanent request.

Just use it as a breakthrough. A release. A scream. A jolt.

An awakening.

The waiting rooms after loss get very complicated as we progress through time. We have to keep outside of them. And if it requires a little bit of cursing to do that then let that be the way for a few days.

With a little bit of cursing and a lot of rediscovery,


P.S. And if you feel you want to draw outside the lines and leave the waiting room after loss, join me in my next Life Reentry® Class which starts October 18th. I want to see you there. I want to walk with you. And I want to watch you reenter back to life.


As soon as you do I wait for you on the other side of that page. With open arms. Oh and I have a few hundred people waiting to meet you. We start with a grief cleanse. And everything changes…

*Image courtesy of Kiara Rose.

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