Today, we will talk about letting go.

Letting go of all the good enough things we carry.

We picked up these things because we had to after loss.

Countless of them.

At first, we carry them because we can and because they are not too heavy to carry.

Good things. Ok things. Not so bad things.

After a while we get used to carrying them.

We go about our life with all these good enough things.

Over time, they become us.

We are one with them. Undivided.

We confuse these things with ourselves.

And we never think to let them go, until one day we become so self aware, that every time we tell ourselves the truth these ‘good enough’ things show themselves.

The separation begins. They no longer feel a part of us.

We start to consider letting them go.

What am I talking about?

Letting go of routines that no longer serve us.

Letting go of perceptions of ourselves.

Letting go of things we still do but don’t really enjoy.

Letting go of jobs. Letting go of furniture even.

Bed sheets. Empty boxes. Parts of our old identity.

Lately, I have decided to let go of something that was very precious to me in the past but no longer is.

I started realizing that it gives me stress and not joy as it used to.

It takes away from my freedom.

The kind of freedom I identify with now.

The things we need to let go of the most are not horrible and ugly.

They are things that used to be light but have gotten heavier with time.

Look at the good things in your life, the good things that used to be great.

The good things that used to make your heart full of joy, but now they are just ok.

These things are the invisible heavy loads we carry without knowing.

Getting to great experiences requires the unloading of the ‘good enough’ ones. (Click to Tweet!)

The ones that have served us for a long time. They are the hardest things to let go.

They are hard to let go, because they are our safety net and our comfort zone.

I don’t know about you but I am in the process of letting go of a lot of ‘ok’ things. I feel tears of joy just writing this to you. I don’t want to carry these things anymore. I am letting it all go.

And allowing for greatness for my spirit, for my personality and for my body to arrive. I hope you are too. Pretty please.

With life and lightness,


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